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Crundwell Digital Marketing believes it’s important to provide service after the initial launch. There are many website development companies that build a client website, launch it and then they are on to their next project.

WordPress Maintenance Packages

Is your web host keeping your site updated?

During our client consultations, we have met clients who didn’t know their website needed regular maintenance to prevent security holes from being breached.

We’ve also taken over websites that included so much custom development that key features on the website just stopped working.

Though some trial and error, we’ve standardized our plugin use to use only well plugins and frameworks that have a team of developers behind them and are kept up-to-date. Whenever possible, we purchase developer level licenses so all our clients can benefit from solid stable code.

Crundwell Digital Hosting

Crundwell Digital client websites are currently hosted with A Small Orange hosting. Our server is located in a Tier 1 datacenter just outside of Dallas.

We currently run six Intel Xeon 2.5 Ghz processors with 12 GB of memory with a 3 TB monthly bandwidth allowance. That’s lots of processing power to keep your website humming along. The server includes solid state drives for increased speed and reliability.

In addition to great hardware, their customer service and support teams are great. They are quick to help fix problems once they arise.

As our clients base grows we will continue to add additional resources as needed.

In addition to our awesome hosting, our high volume traffic sites also have their static content distributed across the Amazon Content Delivery Network. This reduces the load on the parent server and keeps your website running fast.

Crundwell Digital Hosting & Maintenance Plans

Advanced/High Traffic Service For those that need more power


Per Month
  • WordPress Multisite Support
  • Level 6 Cloud VPS Hosting
  • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring
  • Daily Database Backups
  • Weekly Filesystem Backups
  • WordFence Security Plugin
  • Site Caching
  • Amazon CDN for high traffic sites*
  • Basic content updates upon request
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Hosting FAQ

A: Yes, you can get a shared hosting account for just a few bucks a month. GoDaddy.com, Bluehost.com, HostGator.com are just a few of the thousands of hosts you can choose from.  They offer unlimited websites, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth lots of other features.

However, “shared hosting” is just that. You’re sharing the same website as hundreds or thousands of other websites. You website runs the risk of going down because another site on your web server takes all the available resources.

Shared hosted websites generally are slower in speed, less reliable and can affect your SEO rankings.  Did you know load time is a factor in your SEO score? The longer your site takes to load, the lower your ranking can be.

A: The simple reason is this.  Keeping your WordPress code up to date makes it one step harder to get hacked.

Crundwell Digital maintenance plans make sure your website is protected from security vulnerabilities. We also verify when doing updates for both themes and plugins are working correctly after updates are completed.

If there’s an issue with an update, we can immediately rollback to the previous version before the update.  Crundwell Digital sites automatically backup content before any plugin update.

A: Yes & No. We do have basic IMAP/POP email accounts available with all our hosting plans, but we do not offer them by default.

We’ve learned the hard way that keeping your email account safe from spammers is not easy. Our goal is to make your business email reliable and robust.

If you need email with your website, we strongly recommend the following:

Office 365 – Plans start at $60/yr. per user

Office 365 for Business is great for companies that already use Office products like Outlook. You can also license full copies of Office Professional for your staff.

Gmail For Business – $50/yr. per user

If you don’t use Microsoft Office products than Gmail for Business is for you. You will also have access to Google Apps suite for business.

Crundwell Digital can provide the setup of these platforms.